Realtist to Realtist Referral Program

To enhance the excellence of fellow Realtist and their business to business endeavors! We strive to encourage one another to do business with each other and to help us all grow and be successful!

Referral Submission Sheet

Referral Program Rules

Effective Date: 3/1/2019

Program Overview: The Realtist to Realtist Referral Program/Contest is offered by the Sacramento Realtist Association (SRA) and provides the opportunity for Realtist members to refer business to other NAREB/Realtist members and receive a prize for the most referrals given out. You must be an active 2019 Sacramento Realtist member to participate in the Referral Program. However, the recipient of your referral can be an active member of any NAREB chapter.

How it works

Program Details: There are two award recipient categories: Agent/Broker and Affiliate. SRA will award Visa Gift Cards (“Reward”) for each category to the Realtist who has given out the most Eligible Referrals. At the end of 10 months, the grand prize Reward will be given for each category in compliance with these Referral Program Rules. Referral submission sheets must be turned into Colby Bell by the 5th of each month. Contact info below.

To be eligible for a referral credit:

    • You must be an Active 2019 Sacramento Realtist Member
    • You must refer business to any Active 2019 NAREB Member
    • Each month by the 5th, you must complete the referral submission form for the previous month and return it to Colby Bell

2 Winner Categories: Agent/Broker and Affiliate
$25- a month for each category
$100- at end of 10 months for each category

Referral Submission Sheet

Please submit your Realtist to Realtist forms to: Colby A. Bell:,  916-272-4396 by the 5th day of each month.