Terrelle Keys

Terrelle Keys

Having been born and raised in Sacramento, Terrelle loves his career as a full-time real estate professional! Terrelle is very passionate about real estate and enjoys studying the market day in/day out and considers his business a pleasure. He exemplifies integrity, loyalty, professionalism and great communication skills when it pertains to his clients! Terrelle has always been known for his intensive hard work, integrity, attention to detail and high level of client service.

As a millennial and proud homeowner, he is passionate about educating new homeowners by conducting home buying classes every month. Terrelle is also a Board Member of the Sacramento Realtist Association who are staunch advocates for homeownership and through this organization he participates in many community events and loves giving back to the community!

Terrelle is also known as a family man spending quality time with his young family, traveling and exercising rigorously during rare moments away from the office.


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